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The University is managed by the Rector. Here you can work as a professor and prepare learning skills that others can study.

Public functions[]

Prepare Lesson[]

Players can prepare lessons and so increase the selected course study points. The Rector configured price is a reward for each Study Point the player contributes. The Player contributes study points in relation with his intelligence and if has learned the skill or not. This consume 10 energy per action. (Amount of prepared study points is affected by player INTeligence Stat) See more in Character Stats.


  • Player needs to have at least 10 energy
  • Player needs to own 1x Paper Sheet Paper Sheet
  • University needs to have enough Gold coins Gold coins to reward the player


When the player completes the action, the selected course study points increase and the player gets the corresponding reward.


In order to master a skill, you need to accumulate by studying at least 100 consumed study points in University. The price for each consumed Study Point is decided by the Rector. It will consume 12 energy per action. (Amount of consumed study points is affected by player INTeligence Stat) See more in Character Stats.


  • The student must have enough energy.
  • The student must have enough Gold coins Gold coins to pay for the consumed study points.
  • There must be a sufficient amount of study points available at the university.


After each study session, the student increases their study points. When the study points reach 100, the student will gain the corresponding skill (Character is limited by having 6 different skills at once).

My Curriculum[]

Here you can access the list of unfinished skill studies that you have started.


You can donate some items to the University inventory. It always costs 1 energy.

Available Courses

Private Functions[]

Exclamation Mark Only Rector of University have access to private functions.


The Rector can deposit or withdraw items. Items donated to the University University are placed in this inventory. The invenory limit is 10 items.

Manage Courses[]

There are two permanent skills that cannot be changed. Administration I and Administration II. Rector can list a total of 5 skills in courses. The Rector can add any skill that is not already listed. If there is a free slot.

Rector may remove any of the listed courses. A cooldown of 15 days is applied from the last modification. This operation doesn't require energy, glut, or hydration.

Roles management[]

A Regent can promote other kingdom member with Roleplay title Magister. In cost of 1x Wax Seal Wax Seal and 1x Writing kit Writing Kit from Structure inventory.