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In the tapestry of history, the Middle Ages unfolded as a complex and vibrant era, marked by the rise and fall of kingdoms that left an indelible imprint on the pages of time. A Middle Ages Kingdom, in essence, was a socio-political entity, a realm governed by monarchs, knights, and an intricate web of feudal structures. These kingdoms were the crucibles in which power, culture, and the very essence of medieval life were forged.

Kingdom Status[]

In Chronicles of Middle Ages (CMA), kingdoms can currently have several kingdom statuses: Emerging, Developing, Aspiring, Flourishing, and Legendary, based on their position in the Kingdom Global Score Ranking:

Status Global Score Ranking Affected by Decay
Emerging 0%-30% No
Developing 31%-60% No
Aspiring 61%-80% No
Flourishing 80%-95% Yes
Legendary 96%-100% Yes

  • An Market Agent will daily fill basic goods in the market of all kingdoms
  • Decay means items and structures are affected by daily change of loweling theirs Condition / Quality.-->

Reset Inactive Kingdoms/Cities[]

This feature automates the process of managing inactive kingdoms within a game. It identifies kingdoms that have been inactive for a certain period of time and takes corrective actions to ensure that they do not negatively impact the game's overall balance and gameplay experience.

The feature utilizes a daily batch process to scan all kingdoms within the game and identify those that meet the criteria for inactivity.

Resetting City Tax[]

If the city has no governor for 7 days, the feature resets the city tax to 0. This ensures that inactive kingdoms do not generate excessive revenue, which could potentially disrupt the game's economy.

Draining Resources and Destroying Inventory[]

If the city has no governor and King for 30 days, the feature takes more drastic measures. It depletes the kingdom's treasury by setting the coins in both the governor's palace and the castle to 0. Additionally, it destroys all items stored in the inventory of both the governor's palace and the castle.

Resetting Diplomatic Relations[]

If the city has no King for 30 days, the feature resets the diplomatic relations of inactive kingdoms. This ensures that inactive kingdoms do not maintain any alliances or other diplomatic ties that could affect the balance of power within the game.

Become a Regent of Kingdom[]

There is an explanation in Administration II Skill. See more How to Become a Regent of Kingdom

List of kingdoms[]

1.Kingdom-englandKingdom of England[]

2.Kingdom-scotlandKingdom of Scotland[]

3.Kingdom-norwayKingdom of Norway[]

4.Kingdom-swedenKingdom of Sweden[]

5.Kingdom-brandenburgKingdom of Brandenburg[]

6.Kingdom-saxonyKingdom of Saxony[]

7.Kingdom-frisiaKingdom of Frisia[]

8.Kingdom-franceKingdom of France[]

9.Kingdom-aquitaineKingdom of Aquitaine[]

10. Kingdom-lithuaniaKingdom of Lithuania[]

11.Kingdom-aragonaKingdom of Aragon[]

12.Kingdom-burgundyKingdom of Burgundy[]

13.Kingdom-milanKingdom of Milan[]

14.Kingdom-granadaKingdom of Granada[]

15.CastileiconKingdom of Castile[]

16.Kingdom-portugalKingdom of Portugal[]

17.Kingdom-hafsidKingdom of Hafsid[]

18.Kingdom-romeKingdom of Rome[]

19.Kingdom-napleKingdom of Naple[]

20.Kingdom-mamlukKingdom of Mamluk[]

21.Kingdom-jerusalemKingdom of Jesrusalem[]

22.Kingdom-veniceKingdom of Venice[]

23.Kingdom-seljukSultanate of Seljuk[]

24.Kingdom-byzantineByzantine kingdom[]

25.Kingdom-bulgariaKingdom of Bulgaria[]

26.Kingdom-hungaryKingdom of Hungary[]

27.Kingdom-austriaKingdom of Austria[]

28.Kingdom-polandKingdom of Poland[]

29.Kingdom-kievKingdom of Kiev[]

30.Kingdom-novgorodKingdom of Novgorod[]