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Chronicles is a role-playing game set in the Middle Ages in European, Middle Eastern and North African territories. You will find yourself in a dynamic environment where you will have to interact with other players and where events and the economy are driven by the same community. Travel to major cities, trade, rule and lead armies. Only your imagination and your skills will decide the fate of your character. The chronicles will tell of your deeds.



Most important structures in cities:

  • Animal Stables

Animal Stables Animal Stables Animal Stables  Animal Stables - is where you can buy a stable and produce animal products (milk, meat, etc).

  • Advanced Stables Advanced Stables - is where you can buy an advanced stables and raise horses and other land transport.
  • Barracks Barracks - here you can manage the kingdom's armies and military matters
  • Castle Castle - is where you can learn information about the kingdom.
  • Governor Palace Governor Palace - here you can work for the government and buy properties.
  • Hospital Hospital - is the place where wounded soldiers are threatened.
  • Market Market - here you can buy and sell items and transport animals
  • Trading Post Trading Post - here you can view statistics on goods prices and send caravans
  • Resources - is where you can extract raw materials
  • Harbor Harbor - is where you can buy Ships and Shipyard, there you can build ships and fleets
  • University University - here you can learn new skills and prepare lessons for others
  • Warehouse Area Warehouse Area - here you can purchase warehouses
  • Well Well - here you can fill bucket with water.

See the full list of structures.

List of all Structures in game
Common structures Governor Palace Governor PalaceMarket MarketWarehouse Area Warehouse AreaTrading Post Trading PostWell Well
Capital cities Castle CastleUniversity University
Resources Extraction Clay Cave Clay CaveCoal Mine Coal MineForest ForestIron Mine Iron MineSaltern and Fish Saltern and FishSand Cave Sand CaveStone Cave Stone Cave
Stables Bee Stable Bee StableCow Stable Cow StablePig Stable Pig StableSheep Stable Sheep Stable
Transport Harbor HarborAdvanced Stables Advanced Stables
Military Battlefield BattlefieldBarracks Barracks

Camp outside the walls Camp outside the walls

Community projects Hospital Hospital

Common Actions

Events and game mechanics


BarracksArmyCamp outside the wallsBattlefieldBattle engineMilitary skills



World Map

World MapWiki Climate MapClimate viewResources MapBreeding Map

Premium Packages and Support Services

Energy PackageSupport ServicesRoyal Patron Package

Test enviroment / Test Server

In-game Items

Below is a table with all in-game items.

List of all Items in game
Resources Raw
Bitumen BitumenIron Ore Clay PieceCoal Piece Coal PieceIron Ore Iron OreSalt SaltSand Heap Sand HeapStone piece Stone pieceWood Piece Wood Piece
Feather featherHoney Honey Animal Skin Animal SkinManure ManureMilk MilkWax WaxWool Wool
Barley BarleyCotton CottonFlower FlowerGrape GrapeHay HayHemp HempHop HopLinen LinenMedical plant Medical plantMulberry MulberryWheat Wheat
Crafted Barrel BarrelBrick BrickGlass bottle Glass bottleGlass Bulb Glass BulbGlass Panel Glass PanelHealing Infusion Healing infusionInk bulb Ink bulbPaper Sheet Paper SheetPile of nails Pile of nailsPottery PotteryRope RopeSail SailWax Seal Wax SealWheel WheelWooden board Wooden board
Tools Bellow BellowBucket BucketBucket with water Bucket with waterCooking pot Cooking PotDistiller DistillerFishing net Fishing netHammer HammerHatchet HatchetHoe HoeKnife KnifeMedical scalpel Medical scalpelMortar and Pestle Mortar and PestlePickaxe PickaxePotter Tools Potter ToolsSaw SawScissors ScissorsShovel ShovelSickle SickleWriting kit Writing Kit
Food Bread BreadCheese CheeseComplete fish meal Complete fish mealComplete meat meal Complete meat mealFish FishFish soup Fish soupMeat MeatMeat Soup Meat Soup
Beverages Beer BeerHydromel HydromelMulberry mead Mulberry meadWine Wine
Clothing Linen shirt Linen shirtLinen trousers Linen trousersShoes ShoesWool gloves Wool glovesWool Hat Wool HatWool Shirt Wool ShirtWool Trousers Wool Trousers
Weapons No skill Club Club
Military I Iron Sword Iron SwordWaraxe Waraxe
Military II Pike Pike
Armors No skill Boots BootsLeather Armor Leather ArmorLeather Helmet Leather HelmetLeather Legs Armor Leather Legs ArmorWooden Shield Wooden Shield
Military I Iron Helmet Iron HelmetReinforced Leather Armor Reinforced Leather ArmorReinforced Wooden Shield Reinforced Wooden Shield
Military II Chainmail ChainmailIron Shield Iron ShieldKnight Helmet Knight HelmetPlates Armor Plates ArmorPlates Legs Armor Plates Legs Armor
Other Incendiaryarrow Incendiary arrowLucky Cat Lucky CatChloe's Ring Chloe's Ring